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Tue Mar 03 21:36:00 UTC 2015

Commercial Summit 2015

Posted by: Albert Lee

This event was interesting because how the market was and has been for the last 8 years in the Memphis commercial market. When the economy is still in  a recovery mode and the market is reacting sensitive to any changes..
In the Memphis and it's surrounding area, we have seen overall growth to all sectors including Industrial, Retail, Business and Multi Family.
The way it is structured for this small area to be in a line to get a real push to expand is that we have a low cost of living, low cost of doing business, well deposited natural resources including world class water and the human resource.
I have been living in this city for last 20 years and plan to stay 20 more years..
The market in Memphis area is up and moving at good rate, that's the story.
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Mon Feb 09 04:58:00 UTC 2015

Great time to be in Memphis !

Posted by: Albert Lee

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Thu Jan 01 23:38:00 UTC 2015

Here's to year 2015

Posted by: Albert Lee

New year has arrived!

Time to set goals for what you want to accomplish for next 364 days. Whether it is about losing some weight and being fit, raising the income intake from what you've collected last year. Whatever it is... you better get to it.

For me, the new year means that I have survived the stagnant 2014. If I would've known the market would slow down from the first-ever upbeat of 2013 since the recession, I would have adjusted my business model slightly to cultivate more opportunities.

But, who wants to review the past and wish ol' should have/could have/would have regrets... either way, new year is here.. the air has changed. The attitude is different. The mindset is positive. The outlook... hmm that better stay strong.

2015 will be an epic year!

Happy New Year!

Wed Dec 17 00:59:00 UTC 2014

Living in Memphis

Posted by: Albert Lee

Put on my blue suede shoes and I boarded the plane, 

Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues in the middle of the pouring rain.

- Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn.

Hi, I'm Albert and live in Memphis, TN.

This blog was created to introduce, educate and share my life in Memphis.

I moved here back in 1994 and been here ever since. My love for Memphis has grown so much that I have decided to stay here for more.

Currently I'm a 30-something with a family and I work as a Realtor.

My career allows me to explore many parts of town and I'm excited to see more!

See you around.